Help Support Jackson's Law  - "They Can't Speak So We Have To Be Their Voice"
From Our Guest Book:
My heart goes out to you, Jackson and the community of people who have been touched by your story. Reading through your comments, I see many of them have had similar experiences, as I have. Last Memorial Day, my own dog Rhett was killed in his own back yard by a pit bull type of dog. Please join a community of like minded people, who have had their lives touched similarly, we will offer support and join your cause. There is also, you can find them on Facebook as well. Join us, Pit Bull Regulation Project!

Thank you for doing this. My sister and I just had a story air on Fox 8 3-20-12 and 3-21-12 about her 3 dogs killed by neighboring pit bull dogs over the past 6 months. We would like more information. We have had no help from police or animal control. And they press charges against them for communicating threats. I really hope this law passes!-Kim

My Shepard Collie mix was in our own backyard, and our neighbor just came over and shot him. He is now six feet under because "karma" came to visit him.-Amy

im so sorry to hear about your dog- i had 3 dogs in my back yard of which 2 pit bulls jumped in my yard over 3 fences and killed all 3 they were my babies im even in the process of building a higher fence and still nothing was done if u need anything just email me ill help in anyway-Andrea

I would love to join in helping this become a law. I am dealing with a rescued fighting pitt bull in my neighborhood in a rental house and that dog just killed another neighbors dog march 9h. There needs to be more laws to protect us and our kids and pets from these dogs that are dangerous and should not even be allowed within city limits or otherwise esp city limits with such close property lines.- Belinda

Thank you so much for all you are doing in Jackson's memory. I sincerely hope that some good can come from this senseless tragedy and that no other dog owners have to endure such needless heartbreak. Jackson's legacy lives on!!- Tom
I like this and I hope all my friends will support also! – Keith
i hope this passes , cause jackson was so sweet , i never got to meet him , but i miss him so much , luv to you kim . Mary beth

Thank you for undertaking this for our pets. Texie


I am a big animal lover, I like big and small animals. this is a good site to see and learn about jackson.
-          Jenny
Kim and Jon, As you know, I was lucky enough to get a few 5:00 kisses from Jackson before his short life was ended. Although only in my life for a short time, he will never be forgotten. Jackson lit up this world with a "true" doggy smile and beautiful everlasting spirit. Thank you for allowing him to share love with so many people. Thank you for continuing to fight even when some of the world has already forgotten. Thank you for continuing to fight strong through your pain and thank you for continuing to fight even through your sadness and tears for all of the dogs out there and their owners to ensure this will not happen again. I know your hope is that Jackson's spirit will live on forever, but what you don't know or haven't realized is that it already does. In you. Your Friend Forever and Always (and forever in blue jeans...Hee Hee!)... Jen

Thinkin & prayin for you guys EVERYday! Jackson is watchin over y'all....May he R.I.P.- Jeannine

Keep kicking ass Nelson

"Hi Kim! Thank you so much for your email. Yes absolutely, let me know what you want me to change for you and I'll do it asap, not a problem at all ;)
Also, I never click on anything, but your link below was so HUGE and I noticed all the stuff about animal rights, that I couldnt help myself. I signed your petition, took a minute out of my day but damn I hope it makes a difference. I lost my cat Calvin tragically last week after 11 years (not due to violence but a loss nonetheless) feelings of losing my best friend and family member are still ripe and I hope I can help you make a difference in the world. I am so sorry for your loss of Jackson and I am deeply moved by your story and I wish you the best with this endeavor and movement, you go girl!! :) Glad our paths have crossed ;)

Hi Kim: I miss Jackson. He was a very sweet and gentle soul that did not deserve to die the way he did. As you know, my mom (Texie) saw him everyday walking through the neighborhood and lived out her "traveling" through him. I hope you are able to get the laws changed in his honor and for other animals who have died too soon and so tragically. Suzanne

If you ever have had your heart stolen by a little dog, then you need to support Jackson's law. Little guys don't have a chance against big dogs-and even in the best scenario, sometimes owners can't control or don't expect their BIG dog to act a certain way. Jackson was a very loved little fellow - this cause is trying to get enough signatures to support a change in law - check it out!- Sue

animals deserve to live and it's the owners fault for not teaching there dogs proper behaviour towards other dogs. ..... Peace be with you Jackson. xo @ Jackson's family and friends: sorry for your loss, just know that Jackson's love for you all is forever inprinted on your heart and soul. xo Julie

I joined because no fur kid or their parent should have to suffer the way Jackson, his family & friends have due to pet owners who are not being responsible when walking or containing their pets around others. A pet parent should not have to be afraid to walk or play with their fur kid. Thank you - Nancy G.

It's up to us to make thing's better!!- Tan

Dogs may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole!!- Melissa K.