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Our organization is based on the belief that with dog ownership, comes responsibility. 

We believe that a dog is only as good as its owner allows it to be.

Every year dogs maim and kill people but there are also a staggering number of cases of dogs killing and/or maiming other dogs often as the result of improper handling, disregard of leash laws and lack of proper training. Please note that Jackson's Law is not breed specific or size specific- we believe ALL dogs deserve a life where responsible pet ownership is the norm.

The outpouring of support and the numerous stories we heard from complete strangers who had lost a member of their fur family made it impossible for us to turn away. We didn't want Jackson, who was still a puppy, to have lost his life in vain, and we knew that many people had experienced the same. 

The current County Codes in Forsyth County, do address some of the issues of aggressive dog attacks however the laws and codes are buried and difficult to follow. Despite the support of the District Attorney and Forsyth County Animal Control the magistrates who were assigned to the case, refused to press charges against the owners of the 3 dogs even though the county code supported and called for that action. They were unable to follow the codes and laws buried in a 20 page document.
The aggressor dog was removed from the property to another location and to our knowledge the owners did not follow the rules regarding proper fencing and handling of an aggressive dog.

A legal request was made of the aggressor dog's owners to properly train the two dogs left in the residence as they still exhibit aggressive behavior, the owners agreed and then promptly ignored the legal request.

Jackson lost his life but not his voice.

On Easter, April 25, 2011 Jackson's "Dad" Dr. Jon Epstein was returning from walking him , a 5lb Morkie terrier and was actually about to enter the home, when next door neighbors opened their door. What ensued was an attack on Jon by one of their smaller dogs and the owners had added a third dog, a large pit bull. The pit bull was not on a leash, was in violation of the Condominium’s bylaws and to our horror , her handlers allowed her out of the condo into the common area.

Jon tried to get our dog Jackson out of harm’s way but since he was being attacked as well, our dog unfortunately succumbed to an aggressive, out of control and deadly attack by the pit bull. One of the residents resorted to punching the dog in the head to get it to release Jackson from its jaws.

We both witnessed the event and tried to save Jackson but he died on the way to the emergency vet. His skull had been crushed by the jaws of the pit bull and he lost almost ½ of his body weight in blood…although his injuries did not end there.

Jackson was not just a pet, or a dog, he was a member of our family, a trusted companion and my best friend. The tragedy is twofold, losing Jackson and knowing that the event of his death could have been avoided.

Jackson's Law was created so no other family will ever have to endure such a tragedy. The response from other pet owners was staggering and we realized that hundreds of dogs lose their lives every year to unprovoked attacks by other dogs. The loss of life unfortunately reaches many breeds and sizes. While Jackson ultimately was killed by a Pit Bull, we must stress that the attack was initiated by two poodles who had bitten two residents and had attacked Jackson more than once in the prior year. The Pit Bull was simply following the pack behavior she was introduced to. It should be noted that several attempts were made to get the aggressor dogs trained and properly handled to no avail in the months prior to Jackson's death. *To this day the two dogs that initiated the attack on Jackson still reside in the same location and still exhibit aggressive behavior towards all people and all other dogs.

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