Help Support Jackson's Law  - "They Can't Speak So We Have To Be Their Voice"
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They Can't Speak So We Must Be Their Voice
A Video Diary of Jackson

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Help Support Jackson's Law is focused on providing information, assistance and most importantly on the protection of all animals from attacks by other animals. Jackson's Law is neither breed specific nor size specific.

Currently the laws of NC state that if a dog kills another dog it does not have to be removed from the home.

However if the dog bites , maims or kills a human he is most likely going to be deemed dangerous and removed for evaluation.

Jackson’s Law will protect those who cannot protect themselves.
**Any dog that kills another dog under this law will be deemed a dangerous animal.(unprovoked attack)
** The dog must be removed from the premises and evaluated. (while under evaluation the owners will be responsible for paying any fees associated with the upkeep while in county custody)
**The owners must attend mandatory dog training and handling classes before obtaining their dog .
** There will be a fine and the funds will be given directly to the Humane Society and/or Animal Control.
** The dog must pass a Canine Good Citizenship Test.
** Owners are required to have the dog evaluated by a vet for possible physical causes for aggressive behavior and if treatable, must treat any issues.

In addition, Jackson's Law has recently teamed up with Fabian's Law , a statewide law passed in Arizona in 2011; Jackson's Law will also address and cover:
Fabian’s Law (Jackson's Law) is not, has not, and never has been about Breed Select Legislation.

Fabian’s Law (Jackson's Law) is about protecting the rights of Responsible Pet Owners who comply with State Laws and punishing those that allow their “aggressive dogs” to attack that result in either injury or death to a Person or Domestic Animal.

A Person Who Owns Or Who Is Responsible For The Care Of An Aggressive Dog Shall Take Reasonable Care To:

· Prohibit The Dog From Escaping To The Outside Of A Residence Or An Enclosed Area, Yard Or Structure.

· Control The Dog In A Manner That Prevents The Dog From Biting Or Attacking A Person Or Domestic Animal At All Times While The Dog Is Off The Owner’s Or Responsible Person’s Property.

· “Aggressive Dog” Means Any Dog That Has Bitten A Person Or Domestic Animal Without Provocation Or That Has A Known History Of Attacking Persons Or Domestic Animals Without Provocation.

We also feel that these changes will help financially support the Animal Control offices and the Humane Society, so that instead of costing taxpayers money, the fines, etc. will go back to the very organizations that are out there every day trying to make a difference but are understaffed and over worked. 

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Jackson March, 2009-April 25, 2011

by Kelley

by Kelley